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Jon: Vocals and rhythm guitar
Jon graduated in Film Studies, following in his father's footsteps. A fan of Pink Floyd and Metallica, soccer, and craft beer, Jon has always shown a lack of good memory and rhythm on the guitar. However, he compensated with the strength of his poetry. He joined the band simply because he was the only one in the group who owned a good guitar. Calm under pressure and explosive in passion, Jon earns his living in cinema but lives for music. His greatest dream was to be in a band, a dream he is living today.
Roger: Bass guitar
Roger lived a double life; by day, he was a skilled software programmer at a tech company. By night, he expressed himself in just four lines – the strings of his bass guitar, playing for local bands deeply engaged in political and social activism. A fan of Cliff (may he rest in peace), Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, and R.E.M., as well as a lover of technology and gaming, Roger always sensed something was wrong in the nightmare of the media’s narratives. It was the spirit and message of rock and roll that finally awakened him. Consequently, he left his programming career, dyed his hair, and was recruited by the band to replace Liz, who had left to devote herself to an animal protection NGO. With Roger's joining the band, formerly known as Fleur-de-Liz during their garage days, it was renamed to Jon Roger Band. Roger travels with the dream of sharing the essence and message of rock and roll, especially aiming to reach those still in slumber, those yet to claim authorship of their own life stories.
Rose: Vocals and lead guitar
Rose combines the grace of a delicate flower with the leadership prowess of a lion in management, exemplifying strong communication skills, adaptability, and sociability. A fan of Coldplay and Lady Gaga, Candy Crush, and peanuts, she sought not just better pay but freedom and fulfillment in her life. Reuniting with Roger, her childhood crush, she discovered a brave new world in the energy of music and love. Adorning her walls with posters of Page, Slash, and Gilmour, she embarked on a new project with determination and persistence: to be the lead guitarist of the Jon Roger Band. Today, she lives her passion for music, finding freedom and fulfillment on the rock and roll road.
Sheila: Drums
Sheila, who majored in aesthetics, driven by her own reflection, is a fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers, movies, reality TV shows, and chocolate. An indecisive Libra, she flirted with playing the piano, viola, tambourine, and reco-reco before ultimately abandoning music for the drums. She joined the band to be close to Jon, drumming away to the sound of the frenzied "Jonettes." Diplomatic in decision-making yet stubborn under pressure, Sheila lives her dream, turning her life into a beautiful song.
Bryan: Roadie
The son of a musician, Bryan was known from a young age for wearing his worn Gorillaz shirt while helping his father load instruments, set up the stage, and manage sound equipment. With a perfect ear for music, he quickly took on technical tasks such as tuning instruments and operating the soundboard. After losing his father to alcohol, Bryan performed in bars to support his mother and further his education. A fan of the Jon Roger Band's concept, Bryan exchanged emails with Jon's father, who also produced the group, to delve into the details of a virtual and collaborative band, and of course, to catch up on their latest news. When Bryan learned that the Jon Roger Band would perform in his city, he seized the opportunity to not only attend the show but also gain backstage access. Bryan became the center of attention for his story, musical knowledge, and intimate understanding of the band, which not even all members were privy to. Invited by Jon to join the band's tour, Bryan quickly became an indispensable member, earning the nickname "guardian angel" from Roger, becoming Sheila's inseparable friend, and the only one Rose trusted to tune her guitar. Pursuing his dream, Bryan became the roadie for his favorite band, supporting his mother financially, studying music online, and living his passion for rock and roll.

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